Bury Gate Farm September 2019

Topping out! A concrete framed house located at the foot of the South Downs in Sussex.

Designed with Sandy Rendel Architects, the house will be brick-infilled with discrete elements of fair faced concrete, including prominent rammed concrete columns that use the local Fittleworth stone as aggregate.

Photo courtesy of Sandy Rendel.

Tetrahelix variations August 2019

We have been investigating the properties of the tetrahedron for over a decade on behalf of the artist Conrad Shawcross.

These models were made recently to inform and record our understanding of variations on the Boerdijk–Coxeter helix (tetrahelix).

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Carlisle Cathedral July 2019

Reversing the Smirke Door at Carlisle Cathedral. Each stone is labelled before being carefully removed in order to reinstate the the original orientation and allow level access to the Fratry.

Optic Monolith June 2019

Optic Monolith, originally designed for Frieze London, has been installed in the Pilane Sculpture Park, Klövedal, Sweden.

It's been given the perfect location - on a ridge with the light behind.

Belgium Arts School May 2019

We have been selected to be a part of an international team to design a new art academy in Zwevegem Belgium with Assemble and Czvek Rigby. The proposals employs a reduced palette of terracotta blocks and timber framing.

Photo Courtesy of Assemble.

Box House on Grand Designs April 2019

Box House is to be featured this April on Grand Designs: The Street (9pm Thursday, 25th April).

Photography: Lenny Codd

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Granby Winter Garden March 2019

Granby Winter Garden opens this March!

This building houses a creative space owned and run by locals in the community of Toxteth, Liverpool. It forms the epicentre of Assemble’s Turner Prize winning Granby Four Streets, an urban regeneration project focused on a socially sustainable vision for the area.

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Carlisle Cathedral January 2019

We’re delighted that works have finally begun at Carlisle Cathedral.

The HLF funded project, led by Feilden Fowles, comprises a new contemporary entrance pavilion to the grade I listed Fratry building which is being altered and refurbished to extend its exhibition, education and interpretation functions.

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Egg Drop December 2018

15-minute entry to Surman Weston's balcony egg drop competition.

Asymmetric Rope Machine November 2018

The geometric and structural design is currently underway for a new sculpture by Conrad Shawcross Studio, titled The Asymmetric Rope Machine. To be installed at MONA, Tasmania.

Exploded Paradigm October 2018

Exploded Paradigm in the new CITC building, Philadelphia.

The 18m sculpture is the latest in a series of ‘axioms’ that we have worked on for the sculptor Conrad Shawcross exploring the properties of tetrahedra.

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Nissan Hub September 2018

Design is currently underway for the New Nissan Hub, a Fuel Station of The Future and we are delighted to be part of a team led by Foster + Partners.

This building will provide a sustainable and innovative refuelling network responding to the automotive's market shift toward alternative sources like electric power.

Pivot House August 2018

Pivot House is a new super-low energy, low impact family home in the Norfolk countryside. The building sits outside any settlement boundary, hence the design meets the challenging criteria of Paragraph 79 (formerly Paragraph 55) of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

The building concept relates to the nature of tree growth, with a parabolic arrangement of beams flying from a central spine. This is demarcated by the location of the tree placed in the centre of the courtyard, providing a complex timber framed structure, which can be achieved on a realistic budget using locally sourced air dried timber.

The building is lowered into the landscape with a green roof to subtly blend the building into its surroundings, as well as enhancing local biodiversity.

Structure Workshop has been providing scheme and detailed design through concept to construction.
Drone shots courtesy of Studio Bark

Invisible Worlds June 2018

∞ Blue (Infinity Blue) is the centrepiece of Invisible Worlds, a major new permanent exhibition at the Eden Project in Cornwall, which opens to the public this Friday, May 25.

Designed with Studio Swine the installation pays homage to cyanobacteria, one of the world’s smallest living beings.

The structure comprises 15 tonnes of ceramic faience supported by a steel frame and housing 32 cannons which project scented vapour rings into the exhibition space of the newly-renovated Core education building.

Image courtesy of the Eden Project.

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Clarniqo Quay April 2018

We are working with Makeshift and Carl Turner Architects to design a 'meanwhile' project at Clarniqo Quay, on the edge of the Olympic Park.

The project is featured in the AJ this month and will deliver affordable creative workspace in an move to balance the development of nearby Hackney Wick where this type of opportunity is being lost.

Fourth Plinth – Lamassu March 2018

In 2015 Isis militants released video footage of themselves destroying the face of one the commanding stone statues that had guarded the gates of the ancient city of Nineveh for more than a thousand years. The Lamassu – winged bulls with human faces – were among the most monumental casualties of a spree of destruction that over just a few days reduced many of Iraq’s most precious artefacts to rubble.

This life-sized representation, installed on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square is part of an ambitious long-term project by Michael Rakowitz The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist with an intent to reconstruct the 7,000 objects known to have been looted from the National Museum of Iraq in the aftermath of the 2003 invasion by the US-led coalition.

Working with art fabricators The White Wall Company we developed and designed the sub frame and armature that allowed 10,000 brightly coloured date syrup cans to be fastened to the envelope giving the sculpture its distinctive appearance.

Carlton and Granville February 2018

We are delighted to be part of a team, led by Adam Khan Architects, that has won the competition to upgrade the Carlton and Granville community centres in South Kilburn, north-west London.

The project, for Brent Council, will transform the two historic buildings into a new complex featuring an enterprise hub, nursery school, community facilities and housing. Partnering with local residents and organisations will help ensure the much-needed resources meet the needs of the local community

This project builds on our existing relationship with Adam Khan Architects, whom we previously collaborated with on the Pensthorpe Wildlife Gardens multi-building master-plan.

Second Home Holland Park January 2018

Wonky desks, giant fig trees and mindfulness classes: is this the office of the future?
Oliver Wainwright reviews our new project with Selgascano Architects in the Guardian today.

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Where Do We Go From Here? December 2017

We are delighted to have been involved in this immersive installation using light, robotics and sound to celebrate Hull 2017 UK City of Culture.

The site specific work is located in the streets around Hull's historic old town and will be open everyday to the public (excluding Christmas day and Boxing day) until 7th January 2018.

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Wood Award for Feilden Fowles Studio December 2017

We are delighted that Feilden Fowles Studio has been selected as the Wood Awards Small Project Winner 2017.

The structural system uses paired timbers and dowels rather than bolts. Beams, rails and noggins follow a half-depth hierarchy and are set out to minimise cuts and wastage in the plywood decking.

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Beijing Canopy September 2017

The Beijing Canopy has been installed successfully at Guorui in Beijing, China.

This is a re-designed version of the large scale sculpture first shown at the Royal Academy in 2015.

This latest version features new arrangements and larger tripods, and allows for the corrosive effects of high humidity and pollution to meet a 50 year design life in the public realm.

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U-BUILD August 2017

This month saw completion of the first U-BUILD house. A completely CNC routed plywood self-build system, designed in collaboration with Studio Bark.

Nithurst July 2017

July saw completion of the reinforced concrete shell of a new house on the South Downs that we have designed with Adam Richards Architects. The house is designed around a double height hall with service cores.

Charlie Bigham’s Campus, UK June 2017

Progress shot of the first new production facility building for the Charlie Bigham's Campus in the West Country.

Photo courtesy FFA.

Welcome to our new website! May 2017

Welcome to our new website, we hope you enjoy it.

We have initially selected 20 of our favourite projects to launch the site with and look forward to adding new work and past projects as time goes by.