2017 Design Museum Pavillion
Located in the gardens of the Design Museum’s new home at the former Commonwealth Institute in Kensington, this temporary pavilion was commissioned as part of the annual Designers in Residence programme. It was built during a week-long ‘co-construction’ workshop undertaken by Royal College or Arts' students from a range of subjects.

Built from a series of timber ribs describing a hyperbolic paraboloid, the structure was conceived to illustrate the double-curved form of the museum's iconic roof. The structure used BauBuche LVL in a paired arrangement designed to conceal connections, and was clad in lapped fibreglass shingles.

"Working with the team at Structure Workshop, who very generously provided their services in-kind, was a great experience. The time scale for the project, just three months from the initial design meeting to commencing on site, was incredibly tight. Nevertheless, rather than feeling pressured or compromised, the design process was exploratory and lively."
Clementine Blakemore, principle designer.
Architect:Clementine Blakemore
Carpenter:Jan Ciechanowicz of Timber Workshop
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