2018 Optic Cloak
Optic Cloak is an ambitious art and architecture collaboration between developer, Knight Dragon, and artist, Conrad Shawcross.

The 50m high tower houses nine flues from a new Low Carbon Energy Centre designed by C. F. Møller Architects. The abruptly facetted and divided surface geometry is intended to break up the otherwise bare cuboid mass of the tower.

The perforated panels exploit the Moiré Effect and create an object that changes in appearance when viewed from different vantage points, and at different times of day. Structure Workshop defined the overall geometry and panel division arrangements for the tower, continuing our collaborative working relationship with Shawcross and digital design studio Physical Pixels. We also developed concept designs for the remarkable primary structural frame and cladding sub-frames.
Artist:Conrad Shawcross
Architect:C.F. Møller Architects
Digital Consultant:Physical Pixels
Placemaker:Future City
Client:Knight Dragon
Photographer:Marc Wilmot
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