2022 Studio Voltaire
A retrofit project providing a permanent home for the House of Voltaire, including new artist studios, exhibition spaces, dedicated learning and event spaces, and a café.

The scheme was designed to make maximum use of the existing building for the minimum budget. To this end design and construction was coordinated using BIM level 2, based on a digital scan of the building and tablets replaced drawings on site.
Back-analysis of the roof trusses allowed much of the original structure to be saved despite an increase in loads due to heavier finishes. The original masonry walls were extended, repaired and strengthened as necessary, which had a big impact on the programme and costs.

Lightweight and low embodied carbon materials were used to create the new mezzanine floors.
This, along with the retention of the existing structural fabric, results in a project with a considerable lower embodied carbon than a new built alternative.
Architect:Matheson Whiteley
Client:Studio Voltaire
Images:Matheson Whiteley, Aron Lorincz, Maris Mezulis
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