2022 Carbon Calculator
The construction industry has a responsibility to respond to the climate emergency by reducing the embodied carbon and operation carbon associated with all projects. The effect of our decisions as professional designers dwarfs those made through our personal choices and as structural engineers we urgently need to develop efficient designs that specify low carbon solutions and minimise waste. This action should be seen as as both an arbiter of good design and a driver for creativity.

In order to improve we need to measure. At Structure Workshop we have developed in house tools to enable this process and we offer carbon assessments of our designs as part of our standard scope of service.
The Structure Workshop Carbon Calculator references industry standard carbon factors, sourced from Bath University's ICE database, and generates embodied carbon figures (kgC0₂e) for all stages of the project life cycle.

We believe we can have a more positive impact by sharing knowledge and have made our carbon calculator freely available.
You can request a copy as an Excel file by sending an email to carboncalculator@structureworkshop.co.uk
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