2015 Dappled Light Of The Sun
Structure Workshop closely collaborated with the artist, Conrad Shawcross, to design this fractal array of decaying tetrahedra for the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

The rule-based arrangement comprises 25 tonnes of weathering steel, nested, profile cut and welded into more than 6,000 tetrahedra and supported on tripods. Proportion studies, rule-based arrangements, CNC cutting patterns, structural analysis, tripod design and scheduling was carried out by Structure Workshop.

Since its initial installation, Dappled Light of the Sun has been shown in various international locations including, The Chatsworth Estate, UK; Riyadh, Lebanon; Ancona, Italy; and Geneva, Switzerland.
Artist:Conrad Shawcross
Fabricator:Ken Ware Engineering
Photograper:Marc Wilmot
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