2018 Exploded Paradigm
This large scale sculpture occupies a central position in the atrium of Foster + Partners’ new Comcast Technology Centre building in Philadelphia, USA.

At 18m tall, the cast steel stem and mirror polished stainless steel shields comprise the most ambitious work we have designed to date collaborating with the artist Conrad Shawcross RA.

Fabricated entirely in the UK the work was delivered as components and only assembled for the first time on site. This put huge emphasis on ensuring the coordination, quality and fit of all parts prior to shipping. We developed the rule based geometry and several parametric models to coordinate and define the work and enable the management of a team of highly skilled fabricators.

Architect:Foster + Partners
Artist:Conrad Shawcross RA
Client:Comcast Corporation
Casting Foundry:William Cook
Machine Shop:Valve-Tec
Shield Fabricator:Benson-Sedgwick Engineering
Photography:Nigel Young/Foster+Partners
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