2020 My World and Your World
'My World and Your World' is a new public sculpture located in Lewis Cubitt Park, King's Cross. The sixteen-metre-tall tubular sculpture was designed by artist Eva Rothschild.

'My World and Your World' becomes the tallest sculpture Structure Workshop have worked on in Europe. Built entirely out of 139.7mm diameter circular steel hollow sections, the sculpture features more than twenty secondary and tertiary legs converging at a height of ten metres. The primary vertical stem continues unrestrained to reach the full height of sixteen metres.

Off site construction meant the sculpture had to be broken into a number of sections. A bespoke spigot connection was designed and concealed within the tubular section at several locations to connect the legs on site, resulting in the sculpture's seamless appearance.
Artist:Eva Rothschild
Fabricator:The White Wall Company
Photography:John Sturrock
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