2017 The Interpretation of Movement
This large scale kinetic sculpture was designed for the Eurostar terminus at St Pancras, London.

Three carbon fibre sails, each 3m in diameter and counterbalanced, move radially via a system of primary secondary and tertiary arms, whilst the entire 16m diameter aluminium structure rotates. The continuous movement is driven by a single motor through a gearbox mounted to the rear of the primary arms. The gearbox provides a hanging chassis from which a series of cables are attached to suspend the 3 tonne sculpture from the station roof (by Barlow). The cable arrangement is designed to resist internal and external forces in all directions including precession.

The design necessitated close collaboration with the lead mechanical engineer and was subject to a rigorous CAT 3 independent check to ensure that it satisfied the many constraints that regulate the live railway environment.
ArtistConrad Shawcross
Mechanical Engineer Lateral Design
Carbon FibreForm Tech
ClientRoyal Academy
PhotographyMarc Wilmot, courtesy CSS
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