2018 Where Do We Go From Here?
An immersive installation using light, robotics and sound to celebrate Hull 2017 UK City of Culture.

The site specific work involves 25 industrial robots located in the streets around Hull's historic old town.

The robots, weighing more than a tonne each are mounted on pedestals 4m in the air and move unpredictably above the public, who are free to wander among them. More commonly used for industrial applications the machines are typically bolted down to a heavy concrete slab foundation and here our task was to design lightweight frames that could withstand the large eccentric force combinations (resulting from up to 5 machines moving independently) without vibrating or overturning. In partnership with The White Wall Company we delivered a solution from concept to site in less than 10 weeks.
Artist:Jason Bruges Studio
Fabricator:The White Wall Company
Installation:The White Wall Company
End Effectors:Fish Fabrications
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