2020 Yorkton Workshops
Yorkton Workshops involved the transformation of a series of dilapidated warehouse buildings in Hackney into a new home for the client, comprising workshops, studios, meeting and event spaces. It was decided early on in the design process to retain the existing buildings, instead of demolishing and reconstructing. Considered structural interventions, combined with detailed back-analysis of the existing steel frame, allowed much of the original structure to be saved.

This retrofit approach resulted in a considerable reduction in embodied carbon. We calculated the structural embodied carbon, from cradle to grave, to be kgCO2e/m2 – this is approximately one third of the embodied carbon of an equivalent new build.

Architect’s Journal Retrofit of the Year Award 2021
ArchitectCassion Castle
ClientPearson Lloyd
Photos 01,02 & 05Taran Wilkhu
Photos 03 & 04Mark Cocksedge
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